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Another Ozzy Osbourne Family Member Tests Positive For Covid-19

Days after it was revealed that one of Ozzy Osbourne's granddaughters had tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus, the family shared that a second granddaughter has now tested positive.

Ozzy's wife and manager Sharon shared the news on Monday via her television show The Talk that their son Jack's three year old daughter Minnie had tested positive for the virus, but at the time she said that no one else in the family had it.

That changed on Thursday, when Sharon said on the show that Jack's five year old daughter Andy Rose has also tested positive. She said, "A few days ago, my granddaughter Andy came down with Covid. And, I didn't want to say anything because it's not my story to tell, it's Jack's. So, Jack did speak about it yesterday. So, yes, there's now two granddaughters out the of three that have it."

Sharon went on to say that both girls are "doing surprisingly well." She explained, "The first three, four days, and then, after that, it's like night and day, the way they change so quickly. And they are both doing fine, thank God." Watch the segment from The Talk here.

Ace Frehley Will Reunite With KISS For A Price

Ace Frehley says that he would reunite with KISS if Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were to "reach deep into their pockets" and he would not return to the stage with them for free.

The original KISS lead guitarist made the comments during an appearance on the Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk show on SiriusXM this past Monday, September 21st.

Frehley was asked if he has kept in contact with his former bandmates and he responded, "I exchange messages with those guys from time to time. Gene gave me a phone call a couple of weeks ago, actually, and I still haven't gotten back to him. I've been so preoccupied with moving and unpacking and designing... I'm the architect for this new studio, so I've been pretty jammed up. But I will get back to Gene. I speak to Paul from time to time. I speak to [Peter Criss and his wife Gigi]. So we're all friends.

"It's a shame that the press makes it out that we all hate each other. After what we created and what we accomplished over the last 40 years, me and Peter, Paul and Gene being the founding members of KISS, there's no reason why we shouldn't be friends and let bygones be bygones."

Ace was then asked if he hopes to reunite with the band before their retirement and he said, "I think it's a possibility, but they'd have to reach deep into their pockets. I'm not getting up on stage for free, I can tell you that right now.

"I'm doing it because I love it, but I also love the money and I also love my Jaguar and my new Escalade and my new house, and I have all those things because of the music business and my fans.

"I give my fans 110 percent, and they give me 110 percent, so it works both ways. But Paul and Gene absolutely have admitted numerous times, they're in it for the money, sometimes more so than the music.

"I'm not gonna get up there for free, and I don't think any of my fans would expect me to. But I think my fans would love to see me up there."

Bruce Springsteen Streaming New Single 'Ghosts'

(hennemusic) Bruce Springsteen is streaming a lyric video for "Ghosts", the latest single from his forthcoming album, "Letter To You." Due October 23, the rocker's 20th studio record was recorded in less than a week at his home studio on New Jersey.

"'Ghosts' is about the beauty and joy of being in a band, and the pain of losing one another to illness and time," says Springsteen. "'Ghosts' tries to speak to the spirit of the music itself, something none of us owns but can only discover and share together. In the E Street Band, it resides in our collective soul, powered by the heart."

"Ghosts" follows the title track as the second preview to the singer's first record with the E Street Band since 2014's "High Hopes." Produced by Ron Aniello with Springsteen, "Letter To You" includes nine recently-written Springsteen songs, as well as new recordings of three of his legendary, but previously-unreleased, compositions from the 1970s: "Janey Needs A Shooter," "If I Was The Priest," and "Song For Orphans." Stream the songhere.

Sammy Hagar Jams Wabo Classic For Lockdown Sessions

(hennemusic) Sammy Hagar And The Circle can be seen performing an abbreviated cover of his 1999 track, "Sympathy For The Human", in the latest installment of the band's Lockdown Sessions series.

The tune originally appeared on "Red Voodoo", an album the Red Rocker recorded with The Waboritas. "This song has always been one of my favorite's from the Wabo era," says Hagar. "Whenever we started a show with this song it always ended up being a great one. Sympathy for the Human - ain't it the truth."

Hagar is currently preparing for the October 4 return of his AXS TV series "Rock & Roll Road Trip." Production of the program, which originally aired six episodes in the spring, was shut down due to the pandemic, with the singer promising its return once it could safely resume filming interviews with artists again.

The fall schedule includes appearances by Brooks & Dunn, James Hetfield, George Thorogood, Train singer Pat Monahan, Chris Daughtry, Kenny Aronoff and Steve Lukather. Watch the videohere.

F**k The Facts Streaming First New Song In Five Years

F**k The Facts are streaming their first new track in five years. The song is entitled "Pleine Noirceur" and it is the title track to the group's forthcoming album, which is due November 20th.

The band had this to say about the new album, "We took a long break before working on this album, I feel like it's a collection of bits and pieces; old and new, short and long.

"It's us working back into the groove, just in time for a pandemic. This album also could have easily been 3 EPs, you really have to listen to the whole thing in order to fully enjoy it. It opens the door for what is next."

Stream the song and see the new album's tracklisting here.

Singled Out: Brother Firetribe's Chariot Of Fire

Finnish hard rockers Brother Firetribe just released their new album "Feel The Burn" and to celebrate we asked Pekka Heino to tell us about the song "Chariot Of Fire". Here is the story:

Our latest single Chariot of Fire kind of fought its way to make it to the new album Feel The Burn. I had this melody for the chorus in my head with the line "I wanna ride on a chariot of fire" as the starter. Have no idea where that line came from but it sounded cool even though I was painfully aware of the Vangelis song and the movie. I started thinking about a counter part for that line came up with another movie title and added the line "making love in the streetcar named desire".

After finishing the chorus by finding the chords under the melody I played it over and over again and thought it was great. Something in the vein of Desmond Child, Diane Warren, Paul Stanley, Holly Knight, Jack Ponti...at least that´s what I thought.

Then it came to write the song around the chorus and I got seriously stuck...I ended up writing just something to fill in the blanks, just to be able to hurry to the studio with Tomppa, our keyboard player, to record a demo for the album. It was obvious from the start the chorus kicked ass but the rest was weak.

When we really started working on the album this song was kind of yoyoing back and forth when it came to including it on the album at all. We kept pushing Jimmy, our producer, to help out with the verses and bridges because we were totally clueless with it.

Luckily Jimmy came up with a great melody for the verses and the bridge and the ball started rolling. We recorded the song in one marathon session and pretty much wrote the lyrics on the spot, me jumping in and out of the vocal booth with lyrics scribbled on pieces of paper. I think the result is one of our strongest songs ever.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

The Revivalists' David Shaw Reveals His First Solo Singles

The Revivalists frontman David Shaw has released a video for his new track "Shaken". The song and another track called "Promised Land" are his first-ever solo singles and will be features on his forthcoming solo album.

David had this to say, "I was going through some tough times, and 'Shaken' came out when I first sat down to write a song knowing I was writing for just me this time which was a strange and different sort of feeling.

"At first, writing this song was an exercise in self-care, but it became bigger than that. This song is for anyone who feels different, left out, misunderstood, or insecure - I want you to know that the things that make you feel that way now can be the same things that can lead you to your purpose or passion, to your happiness or success." Watch the video here.

TesseracT Expand Ashe O'Hara Era Album For Deluxe Reissue

TesseracT have announced that they will be releasing a expanded deluxe vinyl edition of their 2013 album, "Altered State," the group's only album to feature Ashe O'Hara on vocals.

The new 4 vinyl LP and 2CD set will feature the original studio album, along with instrumental tracks that have never before been available on vinyl. The LP will be pressed on 180g vinyl and housed in gatefold sleeves, and the package will feature slipcase with 4 individual inserts/lyric sheets and 2 CDs.

The group had the following to say about this special reissue that is set to hit stores on November 6th, "For the band, we always felt like we hit a perfect balance with the presentation on Altered State.

"And that the concept was made even more striking in a gatefold vinyl package. There's just something very tactile and real about that iteration. We're all really looking forward to it being available in that format again."

The Damned Reveal 'Keep 'Em Alive' Video From The Rockfield Files EP

The Damned have released a music video for their new track "Keep 'Em Alive." The song comes from their forthcoming The Rockfield Files EP, which will arrive on October 16th.

We were sent the following details about the EP and video: In 1980 and 1981, The Damned went to Rockfield for a series of sessions that eventually became The Black Album, The Friday 13th EP, and Strawberries. Their time there produced some of The Damned's greatest musical moments and memorable stories of horses, cows, vampires, rifles, and Lemmy.

In 2019, The Damned returned to Rockfield studios to record the first new music since 2018's Top 10 Evil Spirits album. "Keep 'Em Alive," the first single from The Rockfield Files EP, is available now with an accompanying music video shot from the perspective of a bee going about its business. Bees are essential for pollinating crops, and in turn, human survival; 17 species are reportedly endangered in the UK - keep 'em alive!

During the recording of the EP, the lineup included three out of the four The Damned members that were at the original sessions - David Vanian, Captain Sensible, and Paul Gray. There was also Monty Oxymoron on keyboards and Pinch on drums. Unbeknown to the band, this was to be the last recording with the long time drummer Pinch, who departed The Damned after their legendary show at The London Palladium last Halloween.

For the first time, Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Rammstein, Ghost) took over the producer duties for the EP. He also mixed the tracks at his studio in Bath. Watch the video here.

Dearist Offshoot Homecamp Release New Video

Dearist frontman Adam Binder has shared a video for the first single from his Homecamp project. The song is called "Thoughts Of You" and comes from their debut mini album.

Binder founded the project with his friend Will Jones and they will be releasing their mini album, entitled "Did We Return As Something Else", on November 13th.

Adam had this to say, "This was the last song written and recorded for the mini-album. I was listening back to what I already had for the release and I felt like it needed another song that leaned towards the rockier side of our sound. Something with drums.

"The songs on the mini-album stretch from floaty ambient arrangements to more mainstream indie rock jams and 'Thoughts Of You' definitely sits in the latter camp. As with most of the songs, this one started on the piano. I am by no means a pianist but I use the trial and error method of hitting random chord shapes in random rhythms until something sparks a feeling, and then I'm away.

"As for the lyrics, they are a subject that I've never touched on before. The lyrics are a kind of message from future generations to the people of today, pleading with us to look after the planet better. I'll be completely honest, this is not a subject I've really given much thought to until recently." Watch the video here.

Kataklysm Release 'Cut Me Down' Video

Kataklysm have released a music video for their new track "Cut Me Down" which features a guest appearance from Wolfheart's Tuomas Saukkonen and comes from their just release new album, "Unconquered".

Maurizio Iacono had this to say about the song, "'Cut Me Down' is a melodic, high octane assault, with thrash elements and relentless power, showcasing another angle of our new album, Unconquered, which is released today!

"The lyrical idea of this song is being surrounded by someone whose sole purpose is betraying and taking advantage of you, I lived with this type of scenario around me many times.

"Luckily for me, I trust no one. I did however trust Tuomas Saukkonen of Wolfheart to come and give a hand on the song and rip through the chorus with me as a special guest!

The new album was recorded and engineered by long-time producer and guitarist JF Dagenais at JFD Studio in Dallas, TX and Colin Richardson took a break from retirement to help mix the album. Watch the video here.

Singled Out: Painted Doll's Blue Postcards

Painted Doll, featuring Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Death) and Dave Hill (Valley Lodge, Witch Taint), just released their second album "How To Draw Fire" and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the song "Blue Postcards". Here is the story:

Chris-"Blue Postcards" was one of the first songs I wrote when Dave and I decided to do Painted Doll. One of the bands we talked about being cool was The Urges from Ireland. I definitely had The Urges in mind while writing this one but didn't want to copy them or really anyone else.

For whatever reason, this song didn't end up on our first album so it hung back in the corner behind the punchbowl while the party happened around it, all the while plotting it's time to lash out. Eventually it jumped into the punchbowl which was spiked with lord knows what and allowed itself to marinate for a couple of years. Once that process was complete it found itself properly lubricated and ready to spread it's wings like a psychedelic phoenix or some sh*t.

It's a perfect fit for album #2, which is "How To Draw Fire" and we even hired a pack of coyotes to do session vocals. I hope we get to play shows again sooner than later so we can include it in our set. It would be nice to peel peoples skulls open, pour Blue Postcards inside and see what happens in a live setting. I'm pretty sure epiphanies would be attained or at least someone gets a wicked head rush.

Dave- I love "Blue Postcards" and as great as it turned out, I have no idea why it wasn't on the first album aside from the fact that we only practiced four times before we recorded it and probably just ran out of time. Then again, Chris was living somewhere else when we did the first album, so there weren't any coyotes ready to join in just yet. Sometimes in life, you just have to wait for the critters to get on board. Wildlife aside, I think "Blue Postcards" is a pretty quintessential Painted Doll song. It's got a soft touch but it's also kind of sinister, like dagger served up on a velvet pillow. Chris, if you're reading this, we need to get a fog machine for when we play this one live.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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